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Check out our selection of Used Boat Lifts; Boat Docks; & Jet Ski Ports, our prices can’t be beat!


 Wanting a new dock? Boat lift? Can’t afford new prices right now? We have a large selection of pre-owned products for you to choose from! Call us today to get started!

A wide variety of lift capacities available in HydroHoist L model pre-owned, refurbished lifts. Pricing based on capacity and lift design. One year Marine Specialties warranty included in all HydroHoist pre-owned lift purchases.

Pre-Owned Boat Docks


24FT x 32FT 8In C Channel Dock. Electric And Power. 40FT Gangway With Retractable Wheel Assembly. Spud Poles. 

All Decking On The Dock Is Plastic PVC. Floats Are Okay. Slip Is 10FT x 28FT. Water To Ceiling Is 9FT 4IN. Older Jet Ski Mount.

Older Boat Lift. Not In Working Order. Comes With Ladder And Bench.

Lake Lanier Only.


Ready at the end of October.

32 x 32 Wahoo Aluminum Dock. Power And Electric. Spud Poles And Cables. 40Ft Gangway.

Gangway And Lower Decking Is IPE Brazilian Hardwood Decking. Retractable Wheel Assembly. Slips Are 10 x 28 And 10 x 24.

Upper Deck Is 20 x 28. Ladder And 2 Pump Platforms Comes With Dock. C

ustomer Is Keeping The Lifts.

Lake Lanier Only.


20Ft x 30Ft. Gabled Roof Bar Joist Steel Dock. 20ft x 4ft Gangway. Dock Can Be Turned To Be Positioned Straight. Great Floats. Slip Is 12 x 26. Ceiling Is 11Ft From Water. Dock To Shore Cable System. Comes With Ladder. North Gainesville Lake Lanier


32 x 32 Used Boat Dock. 40ft Gangway. Fixed Wheel Assembly. Has Great Floats. Wood Is Okay. Has Electric. Spud Poles. Ladder. Lots Of Bumper Around The Dock. Lake Lanier Only.



Used 2019 Wahoo Aluminum Boat Dock. 24FT Wide x 32FT Long. Slip Is 11FT x 26FT.

Roof Height Is 12FT 7In From Water Toe Ceiling. PVC Decking On The Gangway Abd Bottom Floor. Floats Are In Great Shape.

Has Electric And Lights. Spud Poles And Cables. Comes With The Ladder. Keeping Dock Box.

Keeping Lift And Port But Is Negotiable To Whoever Buys The Dock. Same With Sun Shade. Dock Will Be Ready In September.

Ready towards the end of September.

Lake Lanier Only




Lake Lanier

Boat Dock—Loaded with many Upgrades!

Wahoo Aluminum CAT 5 boat dock–5 years old

32×32 double slip with upper deck

24’ wide upper deck




Steel Dock 31FT Wide x 32ft Long. Full Upper Deck. 30ft x 4Ft Gangway. Slips Are 9 x 22 and 11 x 28. From Water To Ceiling Is 10ft 9in. Dock To Shore Cable System. Great Floats. Good Wood. No Power Or Electric. Lake Lanier In Flowery Branch.



C Channel 8in Used Dock. 26ft Wide x 24ft Long. Upper Deck. Slip Is 10 x 20. Good Floats And Decking. Electric And Lights. Dock To Shore Cable System. Retractable Wheel Assembly. Cumming Lake Lanier.



24FT x 24FT Used Steel Boat Dock. Flat Roof. Has Electric. Dock To Shore Cable System. 30Ft Gangway. Slip Is 10Ft x 20. Lake Lanier Only.



Lake Lanier Only

32 x 32 Steel Bar Joist Dock. Full 32 x 32 Upper Deck. 40FT Gangway.

Upper Deck Decking is Trex. Gangway decking is Trex. Lower Dock is Trex And Wood. Floats Are Okay. Has Electric And Lights. Slips Are 9 x 25 And 11 x 28.

Water To Ceiling Is 10FT 2IN. Comes With 2 New Jet Ski Ports. Customer Keeping Dock Boxes And Furniture. Lake Lanier Only.


For Lake Lanier Only.



32 x 32 Bar Joist Steel Dock. 40Ft Aluminum Gangway With Trex Decking. Gabled Roof. Cable To Shore System. Does NOT HAVE ELECTRIC. Comes With a 4400LB Hydro Hoist Boat Lift And 2 Jet Ski Ports. Slips Are 10 x 28. Water To Ceiling Is 10Ft 2in. Floats Are Okay. Some Decking Does Need To Be Replaced. NO. THE BOAT LIFT AND PORTS WILL NOT BE SOLD SEPERATLEY. LAKE LANIER ONLY. IF LISTED. IT’S AVAILABLE.



Used Boat Dock

Used Steel Boat Dock. 32 x 32 With Full Upper Deck. Electric And Lights. Spud poles And Cables. Fixed Wheel Assembly. Floats Are Okay. Wood Is Good Throughout Upper And Lower. Slips Are 10 x 28 And 10 X 24. Water To Ceiling Is 9Ft 8in. Comes With Boat Lift With Plat From On It. Comes With Dock Box And Ladder. Does Not Come With Water Pump. Nothing Will Be Sold Separately. Lake Lanier Only. If Listed It’s Available.



Lake Lanier Only

26FT x 32 FT Used Boat Dock. Galvanized C Channel. Gabled Roof. 40FT Gangway. All Decking Is Aluminum.

Has Electric And Lights. Floats Are Good. Dock To Shore Cable System. Comes With A 4400LB Boat Lift And 1 Jet Ski Lift. Storage Box And Ladder. Lake Lanier Only. Ready Mid July.



For Lake Lanier Only.

24FT x 28FT 8IN C Channel Dock With Upper Deck. 40Ft x 4FT Gangway. Upper Deck Is 18T x 28FT. Floats And Wood Are Okay. Has Spud Poles And Cables. Has Electric And Lights. Has A Retractable Wheel Assembly. Comes With A Jet Ski Port, Dock Box And Ladder. Slip Is 10FT x  22FT. Water To Ceiling Is 9FT 2 In. Lake Lanier Only. If Listed It’s Available.



Used Boat Dock

32 x 32 C Channel dock.40ft gangway.

Electric and light

Cable to shore

Floats good

Wood in good condition. Just replaced a couple of years ago.

Does need some repair work.



For Lake Lanier Only.

32FT x 32FT 8In C Channel Dock. 40FT x 4Ft Gangway. Retractable Wheel Assembly. Floats Are Good. Wood Okay Bottom Dock And Gangway. Will Need To Replace Some On The Upper Deck. Has Electric And Lights. Dock To Shore Cable System. Slip Is 10FT x 28Ft. Water To Ceiling Is 9FT 4In. Upper Deck Is 17 x 32. Swim Platform Is 12 x 16. Does Come With The 2 Jest Ski Lifts. Customer Is Keeping Boat Lift. Lake Lanier Only. If Listed It’s Available.



For Lake Lanier Only.

32 x 32 C Channel Dock. 30Ft x 4Ft Gangway. Electric And Lights. Dock To Shore Cable System. All Decking Is Plastic. Has Great Floats. Water To Ceiling Is 12Ft. Slips Are 10 x 28 And 10 x 24. Lake Lanier Only. If listed, It’s Available. Ready End Of April.



Used Steel Boat Dock. 26FT Wide x 24Ft Long. Roof Covers Out 32FT. Spud Poles. Electric And Lights. Wood And Floats Are Good. Comes With a 40ft Gangway.  PORT IS NOT INCLUDED AND IS NOT FOR SALE.



Used 32 x 32 Boat Dock. 10in Galvanized C Channel Dock. Slips are 10 x 24 and 10 x 28. Water to ceiling is 11ft 6in. PVC Decking. Floats are good. Electric and Lights. Damage to the front right corner. Both sides of the roofing. Good price to get a 32 x 32 fixed up. DOES NOT COME WITH BOAT LIFT OR DOCK LOCKERS.



Used Boat Dock. 24 x 24 With Upper Deck. 40ft gangway. Upper Deck is 14 x 20  Bar joist steel. Spud poles and cable. Electric and lights. Slip is 10 x 20. Good floats. About 10 boards do need replacing. Water to ceiling is 9ft 10in. Comes with swim ladder. THE LIFT, PORTS AND KAYACKS ARE NOT INCLUDED. WILL NOT BE SOLD SEPARATELY.

Sold on Lake Lanier Only



32 x 32 C Channel Used Boat Dock. 40ft x 4ft Gangway. On Lake Lanier. Gangway has a retractable wheel assembly. Slips are 10 x 28 and 10 x 24. Comes with a ladder. Roof height from the water is 9ft 7in. Could add an upper deck. Floats are in great shape. Wood is in good shape. The C Channel is 10in on the dock. Dock to shore cable system. DOES NOT COME WITH THE 2 SEATS MOUNTED ON THE DOCK. CUSTOMER IS KEEPING. IF LISTED IT’S STILL AVAIABLE.  Dock Is available now.



Used 32FT Wide X 28FT Long Steel Dock With Upper Deck. 40FT x 4FT Gangway.

Slips are 8 x 20 and 12 x 24. Has Electric and Lights. Wood and Floats are Good. Dock to shore cable system. Upper deck is 16 x 26. Comes with A dock box on lower and upper deck. 2 Chairs on the back corner of the dock on either side of the upper deck storage. Sail cloth in storage box that attaches to the four poles for shade on the upper deck. DOES NOT COME WITH THE BOAT LIFT OR JET SKI PORT. 2 Lounge sun deck chairs, table or 6 chairs. Paddle Boards, Boat and Jet Ski. If listed it’s still available.



Used 32 x 32 Aluminum Boat Dock. Gabled Roof. All the decking is Composite. Has power and lights. Both slips are 10 x 28. Floats in excellent shape. Dock to shore cable system. Water to ceiling is 14ft and above. DOES NOT COME WITH LIFTS OR PORT. THEY WILL NOT BE SOLD SEPERATLY. Dock will be available at the end of September/ beginning of October.



24ft Wide x 32FT Long Used Single Slip  Boat Dock On lake Lanier. 22 x 32 Upper Deck. Slip is 10 x 28. Spud Poles and Cables. 40ft x 4ft Gangway With A Retractable Wheel Assembly. Has Electric and Lights. Floats Are Good. Wood is Good on Gangway and Lower Deck. Upper Deck will need to be replaced soon. From Water To Ceiling is 9ft 6in. Dock is ready now. Does come with 2 ladders.



Not Available Until August

32 x 32 Wahoo Aluminum Dock with Upper Deck. Has Tons of features. Decking on lower dock and gangway is IPE Decking. Upper deck is aluminum. Comes with dock boxes, Sun shade on upper deck. All the furniture on the upper deck. Stereo System. Comes with 1 jet ski port. The one without the rollers. Has tons of light upgrades. Comes with spud poles and cables. Just washed and oiled.




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