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Let the professional boat dock movers at Marine Specialties handle changing lake levels with our dock moving services. With our local lake experience since 1988 and proficient knowledge of boat docks, we can do all the hard work while you and your family spend your summer days enjoying the Shorelife. Contact us today to schedule service by calling (770) 531-7735.

Top Benefits of Our Boat Dock Moving Services

Moving any size boat dock is no simple task, but it is often necessary with rising and falling lake levels. Failure to move the dock can result in it becoming beached or, the gangway being underwater. With our boat dock relocation services, you will experience peace of mind knowing your lakefront dock is well-cared for and our qualified technicians are monitoring the ever-changing water levels.

Lake Lanier boat dock movers

Frequently Asked Questions

Your boat dock will be at risk of beaching, anchoring cables snapping, or floating away.

It varies and depends on the changing lake levels.

We regularly check your boat dock, ensuring that it’s working as expected and positioned in the proper place.

How We Are Different

Let Marine Specialties handle the fluctuating water levels and oversee the placement of your boat dock. Besides, it’s our job to make sure your boat dock is operating perfectly so you can spend your days relaxing in the sunshine or making some waves in the water. With each move, we inspect the entire dock, along with its components, to make sure you stay ahead of any needed repairs. Take advantage of what makes us the leading boat dock moving company in the area:

  • Licensed and insured technicians that always perform their work with courtesy and professionalism.
  • Stellar reputation for quality marine construction and flawless service that you can rely on and trust.


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Request an estimate or schedule service by calling us at (770) 531-7735. Serving Lake Lanier.

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