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Whether you enjoy a morning cup of coffee on the dock, lounging in the sun with friends or an evening cocktail watching the sunset, don’t let a dirty dock ruin your experience. Like anything left to the element's docks tend to accumulate pollen, marine growth, dirt and animal/insect filth. Don’t let these items prevent you from enjoying your waterfront. Regular dock washes from Marine Specialties can help you ensure these items are kept at bay and that you can spend your time living the lakefront lifestyle you want. Contact us to schedule service by calling (770) 531-7735.

About Our Lake Dock Pressure Washing Services

From simple everyday use and with its connection to the water, your boat dock collects mud, rust stains, debris, algae, and mold. Having your dock cleaned eliminates these substances that can result in deterioration and decay over time. A worn-out dock is also an eyesore and distracts from your beautiful lakefront property. Enhance the value of your watercraft and shoreline with a regularly cleaned and maintained dock.

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Why Professional Cleaning Services for Your Dock?

Your dock is a big investment. Regular cleaning services from Marine Specialties can not only keep your dock aesthetically attractive, but it can dramatically increase your enjoyment value by:

Keeping it free of dirt, grime and allergens

Helping reduce pesky insects and spiders

Increase asset longevity by removing marine growth and other buildup

Reducing animal activity and filth

Frequently Asked Questions

We wash all types of docks including wood, composite, and concrete.

It’s best to have your boat dock washed twice a season, once during boating pre-season and again in the middle or end of the season. The pre-season wash can clear away pollen that has accumulated and reveal any safety issues or dock repairs that need to be made.


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Professional Dock Cleaning Company in Georgia

Take advantage of the dock pressure washing service from Marine Specialties. Schedule service or request an estimate by calling (770) 531-7735. We are located in Gainesville, GA, and serve Lake Lanier, Lake Hartwell, Blue Ridge Lake, and waterways throughout Georgia and South Carolina. We provide several waterfront services such as boat lift installation, PWC lift installation, and dock moving services.

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