Why HydroHoist Boat Lifts?

When you talk boat lifts, one name almost always comes up and with instant recognition—HydroHoist.

For the last 55 years — since 1964 — HydroHoist has been engineering and producing marine products like boat and PWC lifts that help you to protect your water toys and make the most of your dock and lakefront property.

How and why is HydroHoist such an industry leader in the manufacture of top tier boat lifts and PWC lifts? And how have they been able to consistently deliver an ongoing excellence in performance of their products for which they’ve been known for so many years?

First, HydroHoist hires some amazing people. Concept design and execution consistently reflect an engineering excellence that HydroHoist boat lifts and PWC lifts have become known for over time.

Then, their manufacturing in Oklahoma is streamlined and effective, delivering as expected and on time to their dealer network like our team here at Marine Specialties.

From idea to drop-off, HydroHoist clearly puts immense attention and care into delivering premium quality in everything they make.

Why Purchase a Floating Dock Boat Lift?
  1. A boat lift keeps your boat hull out of the water and protected from damage both due to prolonged moisture and from marine life.
  1. In rough weather or windy conditions, a boat lift provides several advantages to simply leaving your boat sitting in the water.
  1. You can get on and off the water quickly and easily with a boat lift like one from HydroHoist—that you can depend on to work efficiently and effectively over time.

Have questions about HydroHoist? Here are some great resources:

About HydroHoist:

Since their founding in 1964, today, HydroHoist has 3 distribution warehouses located in Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee – and a network of more than 600 dealers. HydroHoist Marine Group does business across the world, exporting to 23 countries and with an international dealer network in more than 23 countries. In addition to HydroHoist Boat Lifts, HMG includes HyPower and RotomoldUSA. HyPower provides easy-to-maintain, configurable power pedestals suited for marina and RV applications. RotomoldUSA (previously known as Rotek) produces rotomolding services to other corporations including several Fortune 500 companies.

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