Protect Your Dock: Lake Levels Update!

protect your dock, Protect Your Dock: Lake Levels Update!, Marine Specialties Inc., Marine Specialties Inc.A few tips regarding how to protect your dock during this weather event from a company that has been working on Lake Lanier docks for 30+ years.

The water has been quickly rising, and it may be quickly falling later. There are about 10,000 docks on Lake Lanier that ALL need attention right now and will continue to need attention for the duration of this event of rising, and then falling, lake levels.

  1. Now is when having a redundant anchoring system – such as cables AND poles – is critical. If a cable breaks, you still have pole anchoring. If lake levels get so high that your dock exceeds the pole length and the pole collars actually slip over the top of the poles themselves, you still have cable anchoring. If your dock does exceed the length of the pole during this weather event, you may want to reevaluate your pole configuration.
  2. Now is also a great reminder of why it is a good idea to perform repairs on your dock as needed and on a timely basis. Unexpected weather events can crop up quickly and create great stress even a dock in good condition and it can wreak havoc on a dock in a state of disrepair.
  3. If your gangway is in the water, please turn off your electric at the breaker box at the house to be sure you don’t have electric in the water.
  4. Most docks on Lake Lanier are not configured for the high water levels we are experiencing right now and, as such, can’t be adjusted or moved for this level. Right now, many of us will just have to try to secure our docks as best we can and wait it out until lake levels drop.
  5. Dock moving is a particular challenge right now, especially for do-it-yourselfers. The water is murky. Electric lines, irrigation pipes and staircases are all underwater. Many docks will need to have the gangway lifted using a boom – always tricky with limited visibility. I urge everyone to use extreme care if you are moving the dock yourself to prevent personal injury or property damage.
  6. One note about the economics of one-time dock moves versus an annual service. The breakeven point on one-time dock moves versus an annual fee is three to four one-time moves is typically equal to the cost of an annual service contract. Most dock move service contract customers will be moved three times in just the first two months of 2020 – and we have ten months to go in this calendar year!

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protect your dock, Protect Your Dock: Lake Levels Update!, Marine Specialties Inc., Marine Specialties Inc.

At MSI, we are always happy to spend any amount of time necessary to educate our customers and we love showing off the boat docks we have built, the boat lifts that we have installed, or the rip rap and steps we have completed for previous customers. We love sharing our knowledge, tips, and information about the lake life with you too!