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Keep Your Shoreline Protected & Beautiful for Years to Come

Specializing in Rip Rap Erosion Control installation for 25+ years,
Marine Specialties will help protect your shore.

Keep your water line’s pristine beauty while helping to protect your precious land from being lost to the water.

Armor your shoreline & don’t worry about land loss.

While a natural shoreline can be beautiful, it can also get easily destroyed and/or degraded over time by weather and wave action – erosion. Installing Rip Rap consists of adding stone, rock, or rubble along where the water meets the shore to keep the land from being further harmed and wearing away over time. This preserves the land you do have as well, preventing further damage to your property line inland.

Proper installation of rip rap is vital to its effectiveness.

We understand that your property is a big investment and erosion is serious business. Installing Rip Rap is a great step to controlling this erosion but it must be done correctly. Our decades of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers means you can rest easy knowing your Rip Rap will be done right the first time and last for years to come with little upkeep or maintenance.

Before rip rap installation for erosion control

Before & After MSI Rip Rap Installation

MSI Rip Rap Erosion Control Installation

Our Qualifications

Marine Specialties, Inc., is the best at Rip Rap Erosion Control and Shoreline Step installations on lakes Lanier on Hartwell. We have simply been doing it for years and know these areas intricately. You can see samples of our work everywhere along these lakes.

Our Capabilities

We have several rock options to choose from, so we can work with you to choose the product you find most suitable AND attractive to create a beautiful shoreline that is not only protective but compliments the beauty of your home on the water.

Our Committment

Our experience and expertise, combined with the various premium Rip Rap options we provide, ensure we can help you create the waterfront oasis of your dreams.

Ready to Create Your Dream Waterfront Playground?

Just make the call & we’ll make it easy!

Click to View the Benefits of Rip Rap for Erosion, Shoreline Protection & Beautification

As mentioned above, installing Rip Rap will help to ensure you don’t lose more and more of your shoreline over time. However, there are other benefits of Rip Rap installation as well.

  Rip Rap is not just used for where the water meets the shore – it can also be used on natural hills and slopes to protect from the eroding effect of rain or draining water
  Rip Rap is such a protective and added benefit, it may very likely increase your property value
  Rip Rap done well is attractive and increases your property’s aesthetic
  Unlike a simple seawall, Rip Rap absorbs water and wave energy instead of deflecting it back outward
  If you have very high or intense erosion risk, you can combine Rip Rap with a seawall for added protection

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