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We Offer Aluminum Boat Docks, Galvanized Steel Docks and Painted Steel Docks

Marine Specialties – GA and SC dock builder – has built and serviced floating lake docks, as well as protected the shoreline, on Lake Lanier and Lake Hartwell for over a quarter century

Our premier floating boat dock is the Wahoo aluminum dock. Our residential and commercial floating docks from Wahoo are built-to-last.

Wahoo docks are designed by engineers, meeting and exceeding the most exacting dock standards on the market while also being simply beautiful to behold.

We tailor each of our docks to the customer’s location, intended uses and budget. If you are in search of a boat dock that you can come to the lake to enjoy – and not have to worry about maintaining – then the Wahoo aluminum boat dock is for you.

Combined with our experienced, qualified, and courteous Georgia dock builders and South Carolina dock builders, you are sure to be overwhelmingly pleased with your new aluminum dock.

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Need Help Choosing the Best Boat Dock & Dock Options for You?

Need help choosing between and understanding the differences between all the options that are offered? Let MSI help you choose the best option for you. We will be sure to get you into the best boat dock that meets your needs and will do everything we can to stay within your budget.

Best: A Wahoo Aluminum Dock – Floating Lake Dock

Click to Learn Why A Wahoo Aluminum Dock Is the Most Superior Floating Dock on the Market

Wahoo Docks is the top aluminum dock manufacturer in the world with many components being patented and/or proprietary.

There are some who have tried to imitate pieces and/or parts of the Wahoo aluminum dock but none can completely match Wahoo’s tooling, engineering, and superior composition.

Wahoo docks:

  • Are designed by engineers to exacting specifications
  • Have a heavy-duty construction with more aluminum than other competitors’ docks
  • Are breathtakingly beautiful with sharp details and finishing touches that complement the strength and aesthetic of the dock
  • Is the only aluminum dock manufacturer that can provide the industry leading CAT3 and CAT5 aluminum docks

The Wahoo boat dock is a built with a combination of welded and bolted construction—making it much stronger than any other “all welded” aluminum dock being built.

We dare you to compare the Wahoo aluminum boat dock to any other boat dock on the market. Not only is it the best aluminum dock for the money, it is also the best dock available with the least amount of maintenance required too!

Better: Galvanized Steel Docks

Click to Learn About This Mid-Grade Dock Option - More Durable & Dependable Than Wood

galvanized steel boat dock will save you a little bit of money but will require some maintenance and will begin to rust over a period of time.

This type of dock is usually considered a mid-grade dock but in actuality, often comes with the price of a no-maintenance aluminum dock.

There are many different types of galvanized steel docks on the market so be sure that if this is something you are interested in, you do your homework. This dock will have a longer life than that of a painted steel dock which is the least expensive dock on the market.

Good: Painted Steel Docks

Click to Learn About This Value Dock Option - to Get You Going on the Water Now

If you are looking to save money on a dock, then a painted steel dock might be the right option for you.

While the painted steel boat dock does come with a price tag much less than that of an aluminum dock, just be aware – it also comes with a lot of maintenance. Painted steel docks will usually start to show their age within a couple of months of being installed. Painted steel docks also usually come with a lower grade of dock decking, a factor that helps to keep the end price low.

You will save money going the route of a painted steel boat dock. Just keep in mind that you will also spend a lot of time maintaining this dock when you could be spending that time enjoying the lake with your family.

Our Most Popular Dock Option

The Wahoo Sundeck Aluminum Dock with
Gables & Glass Railing

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