Own A Floating Aluminum Boat Dock? Time to Winterize!

Fall is here and now is the time…  time to think about winterizing your floating aluminum boat dock!

, Own A Floating Aluminum Boat Dock? Time to Winterize!, Marine Specialties Inc., Marine Specialties Inc.

While that doesn’t entail the same tasks as winterizing a boat, the concept is the same:

  • Take down and store or cover umbrellas, cushions, and lightweight furniture that won’t be in use over the winter season to protect it and to prevent it from damage or falling into the lake while unattended for a long period of time.
  • Remove and store paddle boards, kayaks, floats and other summer toys so they don’t blow away or become a theft risk.
  • Plug in the boat battery charger to prolong battery life.
  • Check and empty any garbage cans.
  • If you winterize your boat and store it off the water, leave your empty boat lift in the up position.
  • Check your winches, cables and floats – is everything in proper order and in place? If you won’t be using your dock frequently over the next several months, you don’t want to leave a repair or adjustment issue unresolved when you aren’t there to check on it periodically. Keep in mind, even though recreational use on the lake slows down in the winter month, it doesn’t stop and there will always be wake and wind action placing strain on all parts of your dock and boat lift.
  • This is also a good time to clean up and purge items out of the dock box.

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