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, Living the Lake Life, Marine Specialties Inc., Marine Specialties Inc.

The lake life… is there really anything else like it?

I would say the answer is a big, “No.”

Living a life on the lake is one of life’s greatest pleasures for me.

From the view I get to enjoy as I sit on the upper deck of my Wahoo aluminum dock, watching the boats pass by through my glass panel deck rail, to the joy that family and friend fun times on the lake affords… it’s a hard life to beat.

It might seem kind of goofy to some, but even my dock furniture brings me happiness.

It makes our time spent on the dock comfortable and pleasant—kind of like an outdoor living room under the sun or stars.

My HydroHoist boat lift makes me happy too.

Aside from the fact that it looks good, it offers so many benefits. I can get on and off the water fast – whenever I’m ready – and with less damage potential to my boat or dock.

A boat lift is actually just a great investment and one that pays back in dividends. Really, so much so that your boat lift will balance out the initial “expense” with long-term rewards.

My boat is 17-years-old and you would never guess it. It has been on the HydroHoist lift the entire time and almost looks brand new. Having it out of the water most of the time also means it’s stayed looking so good with minimal effort on my part. And when it’s in the “up” mode, it stays protected from wave action.

If you’re reading this, you probably live the lake life too.

Maybe you even feel the same way I do about your boat dock or boat lift.

But if you don’t – if there is any part of that picture I’ve painted where you feel like your lakefront paradise is lacking, then I urge you to give us a call before the summer season is fully HERE.

Don’t have a boat lift? Let us help rectify that for you FAST.

Gangway too short, too rickety or just… not right? We’d love to get you the dock gangway you really want or need.

Maybe you just want to replace your dock furniture or dock accessories? We can help you with that too!

The bottom line is that YOU should love your life on the lake as much as I do. If you don’t – yet – we’d love to help you get to that place. Everyone should be so lucky to feel their lake life is their own slice of heaven. I promise you, it’s a great feeling.

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, Living the Lake Life, Marine Specialties Inc., Marine Specialties Inc.

At MSI, we are always happy to spend any amount of time necessary to educate our customers and we love showing off the boat docks we have built, the boat lifts that we have installed, or the rip rap and steps we have completed for previous customers. We love sharing our knowledge, tips, and information about the lake life with you too!