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HydroHoist boat lift dealer

Why HydroHoist Boat Lifts?

When you talk boat lifts, one name almost always comes up and with instant recognition—HydroHoist. For the last 55 years — since 1964 — HydroHoist has been engineering and producing marine products like boat and PWC lifts that help you to protect your water toys and make the most of your dock and lakefront property. How and why is HydroHoist such an industry leader in the manufacture of top tier boat lifts and PWC lifts? And how have they been able to consistently deliver an ongoing excellence in performance of their products for which they’ve been known for so many…

why choose Wahoo aluminum floating docks

Why Wahoo Aluminum Boat Docks for Your Lake Floating Dock?

Here at Marine Specialties we pride ourselves on only delivering the best and most well-constructed marine products to our customers. That’s why we proudly install Wahoo aluminum docks for most of our Lake Lanier, GA and Lake Hartwell, SC, boat dock customers. Wahoo aluminum docks are “engineered for excellence” and simply out-perform all other floating docks on the market. Wahoo was created by engineers and all Wahoo docks are designed and then manufactured from an expanse facility in Dahlonega, Georgia. Each component of a Wahoo aluminum boat dock is carefully considered and crafted for strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Not…

Get Your Boat Dock and Boat Lift Summer Ready

Your Dock, Your Boat Lift, Your Lakefront Oasis: Are You Ready for Summer?

The weather is warming up and the lake is beckoning. You may have even already been enjoying your dock, your boat lift, and your little slice of lakefront paradise a bit this season. Really, however, the best is yet to come as summer fully kicks in and gets going! But are you truly, ready? Really, ready? Use this checklist we’ve provided to ensure your boat dock, boat lift, and all-things-lake-life are in tip-top shape so you can fully enjoy them and have a carefree summer season! Check your ramp wheels to make sure the jack is working properly and tires…

Wahoo aluminum dock marine specialties atlanta georgia dock builder

Living the Lake Life

The lake life… is there really anything else like it? I would say the answer is a big, “No.” Living a life on the lake is one of life’s greatest pleasures for me. From the view I get to enjoy as I sit on the upper deck of my Wahoo aluminum dock, watching the boats pass by through my glass panel deck rail, to the joy that family and friend fun times on the lake affords… it’s a hard life to beat. It might seem kind of goofy to some, but even my dock furniture brings me happiness. It makes…

Hurricane Florence dock prep tips

Hurricane Florence Dock Preparation Tips: Gainesville Georgia Dock Builder Gives Advice for Dock Owners

Photo from at Gainesville, GA Boat Dock Builder and Marine Construction Company Marine Specialties Inc. Gives Valuable Advice to Local Residents for Dock Preparation in Advance of Hurricane Florence Marine Specialties Inc., a well-known aluminum boat dock builder and marine construction company also specializing in boat lifts, shoreline protection, and dock accessories shares tips for dock and waterfront home owners to prepare for Hurricane Florence. Gainesville, GA — September 12, 2018 — Local marine construction company Marine Specialties Inc. shares advice for preparing and preparing waterfront and docks in advance of Hurricane Florence approaching the Carolinas and later,…

HydroHoist Boat Lifts

HydroHoist Boat Lifts

Did you know that HydroHoist Boat Lifts have over fifty years of experience with the manufacturing of hydro-pneumatic hoists? Up your boat with the best… HydroHoist! Don’t lose value in your investment! A boat lift will securely dry dock your boat, and its hull and out-drive will be safely protected from wake damage, algae, and marine growths that compromise your boat’s performance and appearance. No more trailering, no more boat ramps, and no more hull cleaning! With the flip of a switch, it’s just that easy!

Lake Lanier home values with boat dock

Lake Lanier Boat Docks and Home Values

It’s somewhat surprising how many million-dollar lake homes have deteriorating or unsafe old docks!
The boat dock is one of the most often-overlooked amenities of a lake home’s value. And while the quality of the dock might not sell the house, it is quite often the tie-breaker between two homes of similar value. The higher the value of the home, the more important it is for proper dock maintenance.