Shock IQ

Every dock on the water that has electricity should have a SHOCK IQ. Don’t take a chance with electric shock you cant see it and it can kill!!

Dock IQ

The ultimate in boat dock security and electrical shock protection. Cameras, motion sensors, GPS tracking and Shock IQ all rolled into one

Boat Dock Protection

Fear of causing damage to your boat? Protect your watercraft from damage with one of our many different styles of bumpers. Bow bumpers, corner bumpers, roof post bumpers & main frame bumpers. No dock is complete without them

Ramp Wheel's

Stop braking your back, our ramp wheels make it real easy to move your boat dock in and out with water level changes.

Dock Boxes

All shapes and sizes available, white or two tone brown and tan.


Made from marine grade aluminum, these ladders have 16.5” x 6.5” slip resistant rungs for a sturdier footing. When not in use the entire ladder can easily rotate out of the water.

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